Shiyu Duan

2011 - 2014 Horticulture, Hangzhou Vocational College, Hangzhou.
2015 - 2017 BA Fine Arts, Minerva Academie, Groningen.
2017 - 2019 MA Painting, Frank Mohr Institute, Groningen.

Shiyu Duan (b.1992) was born in Jiaxing, China. She currently works and lives in Shanghai and Groningen.

Shiyu Duan is a multi-disciplinary artist who observe the everyday and extract the wondering. She presents works embodying discourse around the theme of self-awareness and the vulnerability of human being. She believes, as long as people live in this world, the life activity of human being is a long-term consumption. It is a process that requires you to consume labour, energy and sprit to maintain the desire to continue to explore. Living for everyone is a long-lasting, turbulent movement. People always feel forceless when they dealing with it. The main concern of her work is to express the sense of forceless in a poetic way, and by perceiving the relationship of the self and the external world to obtain new strength.

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